On March 14th, 2000, a shy, mystique, creative soul was born with a passion, and love for the arts, fashion, poetry and music of the world. Being from Atlanta, Georgia, Taylor Jasmine Ahmed – referred to as Taylor Jasmine – is an 18 year old, singer/songwriter who is a loner at heart, while still being fierce, and having an ambitious sprit. Taylor Jasmine just loves what she does, and believes she was created and put on this Earth for a reason to serve her purpose, which is to create gifts for the world with her talents, and to speak truth, and light into the world.

From a young age Taylor was always quiet child who originally wanted to be a veterinarian because of her love for animals, but while being in cheerleading, dance, and chorus it helped her break out of her shell little by little to pursue the passion she always had for music growing up. Continuously singing, acting, dancing, and creating videos with her siblings made her grow her love for it more, and more, and realized she wanted to become the soundtrack of people’s lives, and create. While rising out of her shell, She grew up around multiple influences of musical genres ranging from rap to gospel to classical, thus transferring into her timeless sound comprising of R&B, Pop and soul.

Originally a member of a former girl group, She became solo August 2014, and met Producer Mike Kalombo (CEO of Kalombo Records) and became his Artist. Together in 2015 they launched her debut mixtape, “IMF” [It’s My Fault]. Taylor Jasmine consistently giving the fans music, visuals, her social presence was climbing rapidly and gained the attention of the producers for Lifetime’s television show “The Pop Game” with Timbaland. Shortly after it aired, Taylor Jasmine didn’t waste any time, and quickly got back in the studio. In 2018, Taylor’s Ep “Hot stuff” dropped. Since then, Consistently working closely for 5 years together creating magic, and just having fun with music, with just beginning the new year of 2019, Taylor Jasmine is already ahead gearing up for the introduction of her first debut album “Dear Me” releasing on her birthday, March 14, 2019. According to Taylor Jasmine, and Mike Kalombo, who produced the whole album, says it is ,“her best work yet, and most authentic piece of art work”.

While music being Taylor Jasmine’s best friend, diary, and a distant escape from the trials of reality, Taylor is growing, and evolving just like the rest of us, and will continue to touch people’s lives with her music, speaking the honest truth with her voice, for the unheard, while being therapeutic to not only herself, but to her fans. She will always create for the rest of her life letting the universe perform it’s magic, while staying true to herself, and her craft, and always letting the music speak for itself.

Taylor Jasmine

Musician & Entertainer